Sunday, 30 July 2017

Some Interesting Facts about Vinegar and Dandruff

There are many different causes of dandruff, but one of the most common causes of the problem makes vinegar for dandruff a possibility for treatment.  Dandruff is a dry, itchy scalp that often leaves tiny white flakes in your hair.  If you have chronic dandruff, then it’s not a bad idea to get checked out by a doctor and find out what’s causing your dandruff.

Common causes of dandruff

Dandruff can be caused by dry skin, oily skin, diet, stress, or a yeast-like fungus.  The fungus is a very common cause of dandruff, and sometimes regular shampooing and conditioning just aren't enough to treat it.

Types of vinegar for dandruff

There is really only one kind of vinegar that works as a treatment for dandruff, and that is apple cider vinegar.  The reason this type of vinegar works is because it actually restores the balance of the scalp, which can tend toward the acidic or alkaline side.  This type of vinegar also kills bacteria, which can clog the pores and cause dandruff that looks crusty and very similar to scales.

How to use vinegar to fight dandruff?

In order to use apple cider vinegar for dandruff, you’ll probably want to dilute it before you put it on your scalp.  Just use about 50 percent apple cider vinegar to water, and place it right on your scalp.  Basically, this is one part vinegar and two parts water.

As soon as you have your apple cider vinegar solution ready, hop into the shower and use a gentle shampoo on your hair.  This will remove some of the dead skin and prepare your head for the vinegar.
After you step out, then pour the apple cider vinegar solution right onto your scalp.  Don’t rinse it off.  Just leave the apple cider vinegar solution on your scalp to dry.  This will give it plenty of time to work on your dandruff problem.

In order to see the best results from using vinegar to fight dandruff, you will need to use it once a week.  If you’re still not seeing enough relief after a couple of weeks, then you can bump up your solution a notch.  Just use half apple cider vinegar and half water.  Once again, apply this solution once a week, letting it dry completely on your scalp after each time you apply it.